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San Diego

The following pictures do not have anything to do with the NPPL event in San Diego... but since they were taken during the time we were at the event, I though it would make sense to put them here.

The gentleman in the photographs, we'll call him "Waffle Guy", was obviously down on his luck. When we first encountered him I took a picture and gave him a couple dollars, at which time he mentioned that he needed a new shirt. After a quick trip to Costco and a discussion with the rest of the guys, we decided to take him a Blacklist shirt, which would help him in numerous ways... he can wear it to a job interview, pick up chicks, etc etc.

His reaction to the shirt was completely his own. We did not coach him in anyway. Needless to say it was hilarious and worth every bit. Not only were we laughing hysterically, but I believe traffic came to a complete stop in all directions to watch the spectacle unfold.

Ladies and Gentlemen...

Waffle Guy
IMG_6145.jpg IMG_6146.jpg IMG_6147.jpg IMG_6148.jpg IMG_6149.jpg
IMG_6150.jpg IMG_6151.jpg IMG_6152.jpg IMG_6153.jpg IMG_6154.jpg
IMG_6155.jpg IMG_6156.jpg IMG_6157.jpg IMG_6158.jpg IMG_6159.jpg
IMG_6160.jpg IMG_6161.jpg IMG_6162.jpg IMG_6163.jpg IMG_6164.jpg
IMG_6165.jpg IMG_6166.jpg IMG_6167.jpg IMG_6168.jpg IMG_6169.jpg
IMG_6170.jpg IMG_6171.jpg IMG_6172.jpg IMG_6173.jpg IMG_6174.jpg
IMG_6175.jpg IMG_6176.jpg IMG_6177.jpg


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